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CommX Operate

AI-Powered Command & Control 


Alarms in real-time Never miss an incident

Automate your work
it do the work for you

Create Missions
for analytic-driven


Introducing our AI helper: your fast-track to insights.
Whether it's live searches or digging through archives, our Co-mmX finds what you need, with no hassle. Let our AI do the hard part while you stay focused on what's important.
Let our AI do the hard part while you stay focused on what's important.

Keep it Simple

Your reps can set up campaigns and manage their own tasks without having to involve IT
Easy to use
Integration with existing systems
Self-service for reps

CallBack Service

call center software feature that allows you to enhance, optimize, and scale your hotline’s responsiveness. The stand-alone software solution connects to any IVR system and seamlessly forwards calls from the switch to the UAS.
Our call center software enhances responsiveness and scales your hotline.
Improved Customer Satisfaction


Customers appreciate being able to choose when they want to be called back and the communication with them is more likely to succeed when the time of the callback is chosen by them.



Reduced Call Abandonment
Callback can help reduce call abandonment by giving customers the option to leave their contact information and receive a call back later. This can be especially helpful for customers who are calling during peak hours or which don't want to wait on hold.
Increased Agent Productivity
Callback can help increase agent productivity by freeing up agents to handle other calls while customers are waiting to be called back. This can also help reduce the amount of time that agents spend on hold music.

Campaign Service

Our system makes it easy to create and manage marketing campaigns that get results.
Makes it easy to create and manage marketing campaigns. Businesses can create campaigns for different purposes, such as lead generation, customer retention, or product promotion. They can also track the performance of their campaigns and see their goals are reached.


Easy Campaign Creation
Create and manage marketing campaigns for lead generation, customer retention, or product promotion.


Multi-Channel Marketing
Send marketing messages through email, SMS, and social media.


Targeted Messaging
Reach specific audiences based on demographics, interests, or purchase history.


Reporting &
Track the performance of your campaigns and see how they are performing against your goals.

The power of CommX Contact

Make your business save time, money, improve customer service, and increase sales
commx contact call center tools

Perfect For Large-Scale Call Center Operations

Our algorithm can manage multiple campaigns at once, making it easy for non-IT staff to use.

commx contact call center tools

Excellent For Monitoring And Optimizing Operations

Our system monitors your reps in real time to ensure optimal call delegation. You can also generate reports to improve operations and performance.

Ideal For Creating a Multi-

Channel Response System 

Our system automates SMS marketing and connects to your other systems.

Where do you want to
use your new 

On premise

Ensure maximal security for your data  


Combine cloud

and on-premise storage


Connect from anywhere to scalable storage 

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