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Matrix Screen

live stream from any channel to multiple computers and screens

Do you require complete control over your streaming activity and the ability to customize it as needed?

The Matrix Screen feature enables you to distribute all your channels’ content across screens of computers connected via a switch or router.

  • In communication or control centers, situation or war rooms that comprise several rooms

  • In command posts or mission controls that are too small to hold the entire staff

  • In operation centers with stakeholders in separate offices

  • Whether for security, commercial or entertainment purposes

Sharing live streams for complete situational awareness, in-depth investigation and maximum coverage is key to success.  

With CommX Discover’ Matrix Screens, this is no longer an issue. From one single platform, you direct and share incoming channels to computers connected via a switch or router. Manage what gets displayed on which screen connected to which computer in which room.

Simple drag-and-drop setup

In the main interface window, you select the relevant computer. The system identifies the number of screens connected to the unit. You can then allocate channels to the remote computer screens using a simple drag-and-drop functionality. Each screen can display up to four channels. The same channel content can be viewed on multiple screens in multiple locations. Customize the content exactly as you want for each computer and each screen. For recurring use, you can save the settings as a template.

Who needs the Matrix?

CommX Discover | secured  Streamer recording investigation platform map screen recording multipul screen

The feature is ideal for events when you need to expand your routine operations. 

We are talking about situations where life-saving decisions depend on the availability of video intelligence, such as security surveillance of a public event, or coordination of rescue missions. 

But not only in crisis situations can the Matrix Screen be a game changer. News agencies can optimize coverage of news items, sports, or cultural events. Companies can supervise staff training sessions conduct performance analyses, And so much more.

With CommX Discover Matrix Screen, you eliminate the challenge involved in streaming the same channel content to multiple endpoints. Everyone gets to view and investigate exactly what they need when they need it.

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