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Investigation Case

Deep-Dive Into Any Event

A Deep Dive into Any Event

CommX Discover allows you to carefully inspect, analyze, and evaluate content and data associated with a specific event. The platform equips you with a variety of features, ensuring you have user-friendly tools to dive deep into any event.

Whether you're in need of instant insights or planning ahead for an investigation, the investigation case offers a smooth and secure approach. It's all about empowering you to use resources efficiently, guaranteeing the best results for both on-the-spot and pre-planned examinations.


Inspecting video content in context is often crucial for decision-making. To fully understand a situation, you need sufficient information from relevant sources. An investigation case allows you to select the most valuable input channels for investigating a specific event, correlate with additional data and send the stream to selected users in various locations.


Our system excels in synchronizing and centralizing video, audio, phone calls, and files from multiple channels into a single, organized folder for more accurate and convenient investigation and research 

  • Efficiency - By consolidating data from multiple channels into a single folder, users can save time and effort in searching for and accessing relevant information.

  • Seamless SynchronizationThe system ensures that all data is synchronized accurately, maintaining chronological order and facilitating a comprehensive view of events.


  • Be prepared for the scheduled streaming of a live event with pre-set channels and users. This is excellent for public events and any type of scheduled activity.

  • Saving time - Save settings to create templates. This is excellent for evaluation, tracking and anomaly detection in behavior or conditions. 

  • Consolidate recordings from relevant channels to investigate a past event. This is excellent for debriefing a group

CommX Discover | secured  Streamer recording investigation platform map


Surveillance - An investigation case can be highly useful in the ongoing remote monitoring of property and assets in identifying potential threats or pinpointing suspicious activity. 

Critical infrastructure - With the scheduling feature, upcoming maintenance or repair of critical infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines, and large structures such as bridges, turbines and so on can ensure higher safety from the start.

Event security - Securing concerts, sports events, and festivals requires a variety of intelligence-gathering methods including extensive use of drones. Setting it up ahead of time is critical and the investigation case adds efficiency.

Emergency response - With the help of the investigation case, first responders may get accurate information faster. For example, quickly locate missing or endangered persons, by consolidating data from drone footage, sensors and metadata. 

Disaster assessment - Collect drone footage and data in a disaster area to assess the extent of the damage. Add relevant users in various locations to interpret the findings. 

Agriculture - Setting up investigation case templates can make it easy for agricultural applications to monitor data from multispectral sensors and other input sources about environmental conditions to ensure crop health and yield.

Environmental monitoring - Collecting periodic environmental information, i.e. air- and water pollution, climate changes, etc. over time using the investigation case becomes an easy routine task and ensures accurate tracking.

Performance tracking - Reusable templates allow you to compare findings and data from various dates and times. This can be used in employee training and performance evaluation.

Exams and exercises - Set up equipment that lets you monitor classrooms during students’ exams and connect to CommX Discover. Keep a close eye on what’s happening each time. Also, overview fire drills or other exercises, then investigate to evaluate.

How to set up? 

For a scheduled event, pre-select the channels from which you want to get input. Depending on the objectives of your investigation, select the cameras, microphones, sensors etc. to deliver a range of valuable data. 

Set the start and finish times. Also, select the users who get access to the file and receive the feed. The streaming from the selected channels to the selected users starts automatically at your scheduled time. 

It’s that simple. But you can do more. 

Each scheduled investigation case can be made into a template. This lets you reuse the same setup multiple times for more efficiency. Templates are great for training purposes, performance tracking, or periodic monitoring. 

You can add Word or PDF files to provide background information or objectives and instructions for the investigation to the viewers. CommX Discovers’ investigatory features are accessible to them during the streaming.

Of course, you can also create an investigation case from existing recordings. Select the channels, the users and the time and save the settings. This allows you to set up in-depth investigations of suspicious activities or thoroughly evaluate performance.   

To keep the recordings for an unlimited time, chose secured storage. Securely stored files can only be deleted manually.

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