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Operational Collaboration

Your Mission-Critical
Communication Solution

Innovative Business Collaboration Solution for Operational Environments

Your Collaboration

Our Solutions :

Secured chat combat proven

CommX Connect

Secured digital collaboration for operational success

Secured communication wherever you are. In addition Secure, Reliable, Cross-Platform PTT on real-time VoIP intercom communications platform.

CommX Discover

Stream and manage real-time media on your browser with low-latency technology.

Elevate your multimedia monitoring capabilities and never miss a single detail. CommX Discover enables you to take the next big step in Calls and Video data management. You can generate maximum insights from all input sources in real time via a simplified, web-based user interface.

Multimedia streaming and recording

CommX Operate

AI-Driven Command & Control

CommX Operate revolutionizes operations with AI-driven dispatching excellence. Seamlessly coordinate tasks, track resources, and respond to incidents in real-time with our cutting-edge platform. Harness the power of AI to optimize efficiency and stay ahead of evolving challenges.

CommX Expand

Get the features you always wanted for your CUCM and reduce up to 30% of IT support

CommX Expand enhances the capabilities of your Cisco switchboard so you save money, your team uses their time better and your clients are happier. 

The system is easy and secure to use. Agents work independently and can change simple setup features themselves - speed dial, follow me, working hours, and phone lock. This frees time for your IT team to focus on critical issues.

easy UI interface for cisco control | commx expand
Commx Expand

All-In-One Communications
Stay Connected,
No Matter What.

Explore how unified communications can boost your business.


Maximize your communication potential with our comprehensive communication and live-streaming solutions for business. Upgrade your basic functionalities with advanced call center operation and management tools.

call center woman
communication for business


Use our powerful marketing tool that can help small and independent businesses reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

Security & Military Field

Enhance your communication capabilities with our Unified Communication, engineered to meet the unique needs of military operations.

The next generation army | secured communication
police men HLS homeland security | secured communication

Homeland Security (HLS)

Set yourself up for emergencies and communication of sensitive information and manage your war room through one secure and reliable platform. Interrupt all communication for announcements in case of emergency.

Your Curiosity, Our Knowledge 

Our Service

Our team of 700 experts will take care of everything, so you can enjoy a smooth installation experience from start to finish.

Our Security

Keep your data safe and secure

with our commitment to privacy, security, and ownership with our combat proven products.

Our Expertise

As Commit we are committed to your success. We will be there to work with you every step of the way to make sure your project is a success.

Company concept meeting

Who Are We?

We are part of Commit, an Israeli global company established in 2005. With over 700 experts, we specialize in large-scale, customized cloud software, IT, embedded projects, solutions, and communication services.

We have served over 1,200 customers worldwide and offer an innovative combination of managerial, commercial, and engineering knowledge for planning and executing complex projects on a large scale.

Our extensive experience working with diverse clients has given us valuable insights into what our customers want and need. This enables us to deliver the most convenient and up-to-date solutions that meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

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